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I will be seeing her again next Friday. Is there a hospital nearby? The streetcar is now certainly out of date. I see, waking up early as an important matter. Please make sure your seat belt is fastened. Thuan left Boston. For this race, people under the age of 35 (including 35) join the young people's group; people from 36 to 50 years old join the middle-aged group and people 51 or over join the elderly group. It would be dangerous to go too near the edge of the cliff. I haven't worked up the courage to tell her yet.

Their answer is yes.

At last I accepted his proposal against my will. It is essential to get at the heart of the matter, no matter what they are.

Father always has the tailor make his suits. I don't really know Fred at all.

A fat man seldom dislikes anybody very hard or for very long. What she said did not make sense.

She was a little girl then. I'd like to have a glass of wine. I really want you to be my friend. Ravindran's a nice boy. I speak seriously. Somebody might've followed us. I'll catch up with you. At home, we only speak French. It's not going to be easy.

It is five years since my father died. What did Troy tell you yesterday? I want to be the best swimmer in Australia. I don't want to buy a newspaper today. The girl combed her doll's hair.

You should've heard me. I shouted as loud as I could. We helped them the best we could. "Bad hair day". Move forward at full speed! The magnitude of the lift depends on several factors including the shape, size, and velocity of the aircraft. That would be fatal. I can't believe you really want us to do this. How I miss you! I just wanted to thank you. My wish is to be a painter.

Which one is broken? You can make it! Go for it. I'll stand by you. I'm going to get myself something to drink. Do you want something, too? Farouk is trying to hide something.

The table at which I dined was close to the window. Thuan told Todd that he wanted to break off the engagement. Maybe Jelske needs help. Some people don't act their age.

I wanted to help. Since I was sick for a week, I am making every possible effort to catch up. Saul really came through on that one.

Never let a drunk into your bathroom. He'll piss on everything. Enough TV, already! This is the first time I've ever bitten my tongue. I just hope I don't do something stupid. Please be certain to answer the phone.